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Technical Paddle Top

A very comfortable UV protective Lycra paddling top. Designed to fit tight and snug the panels are cleverly designed for maximum comfort and feel while paddling. Available in two colours a pale blue and a black. view

Paddling Pants-Long

These pants are made from lycra and are full length tights mainly used to keep the sun  from burning your legs while you fishing. In some cases people just use them for an extra layer of paddling gear.  Available in view

PFD-Personal Flotation Device

Designed for paddling and kayaking these are your ideal PFD’s.Not to be mistaken as a lifejacket  but this is a comfortable cleverly designed item that has low cut under arms and neck as well as a Crop top style fit.The view

Long Sleeve Rash Vest

The long sleeve rash vests are a lycra top to protect you against the sun and those harmful UV rays while you are fishing.Being Lycra they are quick dry and perfectly suited for use on your kayaks.The Long sleeve rash view

Stealth chill cheater

The chill cheater is a lightweight and very compact paddling top that is used to keep the wind chill off you.The material is splash resistant and will keep you fairly dry but most importantly it stops the cold wind.It squashes view

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