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Folding Hatch

Folding Hatch

An easy to use folding rear hatch lid. With   a simple locking latch and lid that works on a hinge system. view

Trolling rod holders

std 50 degree trolling rod holder used for placing your rods into while you want to paddle around and fish. The angle makes it simple to access and use while you paddle and manage your lines and bait. Made form view

Foot straps

Velcro foot straps that are made to be fully adjustable.These foot straps can be positioned or adjusted to fit your feet and to make the pedal and steering system more comfortable. view

Hatch rubber

Small piece of rubber used on the fish hatch lid which can be used for cutting bait or working on so you don’t scratch or damage the actual fish hatch lid. view

8-inch Lid only

This is the actual lid only which is used to replace lost  rear hatch lids. Made from injection moulded plastic but very strong and durable. view

8-inch Inspection hatch

Rear hatch which cover  has an 8 inch lid that can be easily opened and closed for simple access to the storage hatch. Made form injection moulded plastic but very strong and durable. view

Plastic saddle

Plastic injection moulded saddle. This saddle is used to secure leashes, or anything you want to attach to the kayak. The saddle allows an easy way to tie or loop things onto it for safe and easy securing. view

Line protectors

Small fibreglass protectors which can be glued in front and  behind the kayak rudder. These reduce the chances of weed or fishing line getting caught under the understern rudder system. view

Kayak rudder

Under stern kayak rudder used to steer the kayak from left to right, These rudders are made from carbon fibre for the Pro fisha kayaks or std fibreglass for the fisha range of kayaks. The have a solid 10 mm view

Rudder cover

A simple cover used to cover the rudder assembly. Made from either Carbon fibre for the Pro fisha kayaks or std fibreglass for the fisha kayaks. Secured to the deck by two screws. view

Push in bung

Soft  black rubber push in bung system. This is used on the front hole of the Fisha 460 and Raptor surf skis.A simple and easy to use bung that pushes into the hole with a small breather cavity. view

Self drainer covers

Carbon fibre covers used to cover the hole from the self drainers in the footwells. These covers fit the kayak so as not to make any protruding area that can catch your line.a small hole and clever design allows the view

Velcro loops

Velcro loops used inside the hatch .These loops are used to secure rods, gaffs or any other items so that when you are launching or beaching the stay safe and secure in the correct position. view

Rod bar

Stainless steel rod bar used in the Pro fisha range of kayaks. This rod bar allows you to store the fishing rods inside the fish hatch up off the base of the fish hatch. You simply rest the butt of view

Adjustable kayak peddles

Complete set of adjustable kayak pedals. These pedals are set and used in the kayak to make the leg length or  paddler size of the kayak adjustable. Easy to adjust and made from strong durable plastic. view

Hatch straps

Straps made from webbing with a flip over cam buckle. This is used to secure the lid of the hatch entrance closed to reduce water getting into the hatch.The flip over cam creates maximum pressure on the lid if secured view

Cable cap

Injection moulded plastic cap  used to  cover the area where the cable exits the kayak. Keeps it neat and reduces the chance of the cables causing any harm. view

Footwell rubber

Soft  eva rubber for the base of the footwells. Used for softer feel and comfort view

Fish hatch lid

A lid used to cover the entrance of the kayaks main central hatch. This lid is made from fibreglass for std Fisha model kayaks  and carbon fibre for the Pro fisha model kayaks. view

Toe strap plate

Black toe strap plate made from injection moulded plastic. This is used to secure handles, foot straps, hatch straps and other places that need  the webbing to be secured down. view

Splash cover

A splash strip or splash cover made to fit the front of the hatch lid. This strip reduces the splash or spray from entering into the front side of the fish hatch when launching through surf or paddling in rough view

Webbing handle

Purpose made Strong webbing handles used either as a front, side or rear carrying handle and also for the use of a drag handle when launching and beaching the kayak.The handles are sewn in different ways for different positions so view

Shock cord

4mm black elastic shockcord. Stretchy shockcord is used in various places on a kayak to secure items or for easy adjustment instead of rope. view

Canopy hook

Black  plastic lacing or canopy hook. Used to secure shockcord and the hook allows you to release the elastic easily when adjusting the elastic or pedal position. view

Sticker kits

Complete kit of all  vinyl stickers used on a kayak. Must be ordered according to kayak model and size. view

Paddle protector

Clear heavy duty vinyl film placed on the kayak to stop your paddle from slipping on the deck and also to reduce scratching and damaging of the kayak surface where the paddle gets positioned. Standard on all Pro Fisha  models. view

Paddle rubber

Black soft protective rubber used to stop your paddle from slipping on the deck and also to reduce scratching and damaging of the kayak surface where the paddle gets positioned. Standard on all Fisha  and Duo kayaks but needs to view

Paddle elastic

Stretchy shock cord and protective plastic tubing used secure your paddle, These 2 items combined with the rope clamps make up your paddle elastic used to hold and secure your paddle in place when you are fishing. view

Bung and socket

Complete bung and socket system  that can be fitted to any kayak.Allows you to drain water from an area or hatch. Made from injection moulded plastic  the bung simply screws into the socket. view

Rope clamp

Round plastic clamp used for securing shock cord or rope on your kayak.Simply screws in and has small grooves to slip or fit the rope/shockcord into. view


Standard black screw in bung. This is a plastic injection moulded bung that fits all std screw in bung systems on any Stealth kayak. view

Plastic Carry Handle

Solid black plastic carry handle is designed and shaped for maximum comfort when carrying your kayak.Compatable with the latest 2017 upgrades on some of the kayaks and the holes do not line up with the older  material handles. view

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