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Stealth went to the Bahamas

By on May 26, 2017

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"Come with me to the Bahamas", Brett says to me as we have one of our "kakpraat" sessions at the Stealth factory. We started chatting about it and the event called the Extreme kayak fishing tournament battle of the Bahamas and it sounded like it could be fun but then the subject changed and the kakpraat continued. At the next UKFC event Brett makes the announcement that he is officially inviting me to fish with him in the full article

The Dusi Canoe marathon adventure….

The Dusi experience Well for us South Africans the Dusi  is simple, a canoe race from Pietermaritzburg to Durban.. For the rest it can be a little confusing- Canoe? Down a river? Oh you mean like Pocahontas on a river

Exploring the world of Kayak fishing

The Start to 2016 has been nothing less than a crazy whirlwind for me.After a very short Christmas break We dove straight back into production for an order that needed to be completed by Mid January… All hands on deck

The Milli adventure 2015.

The Milli adventure 2015. So the dust has settled and the boys are all back to reality after what I believe was another successful adventure.Milli this year was fun as always, the wind blew and the weather was tough but in

Finding a Fishfinder

So you have a kayak/ski. Well, at least I hope you do and if you don’t, stop right there and give me or one of my international distributors a call and get it done…. its the happy season, so make

Brett’s new blog!

So 2014 has been a whirlwind year and my lump sum of blog posts are pretty much non-existent. Where does all the time go these days and how does one find the time sometimes just to do the little things

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