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So 2014 has been a whirlwind year and my lump sum of blog posts are pretty much non-existent. Where does all the time go these days and how does one find the time sometimes just to do the little things we need to do.

For a few months now I have been thinking about making this into an ongoing blog with all things related to kayak fishing and, of course, lots of other interesting things. Sometimes in life we take for granted everything we have learnt. My aim going forward is to share; share knowledge, insights, tips and everything I have learnt from the wonderful sport of kayak fishing. No doubt my years of competitive paddling and other paddling knowledge will also be useful.

Some of you may ask, “Well, what makes Brett a little more knowledgeable than most?”  The truth is, not much really. It is just that what once was a passion of racing surfskis around the world soon turned into the business I have now developed alongside my father, Bruce Challenor.

Here is a link to a little more about us and the business.

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The whole sport of kayak fishing, not only in South Africa but worldwide, is evolving at an alarming rate. If  I look back almost 15 years now, the developments, design changes and sport as a whole has come on in leaps and bounds.
Going  back to the first Wahoo fishing ski we designed, so much has continued to evolve and push the limits making sure we keep exploring and chasing those dream catches.

IMGP1456-2144-x-1608-1024x768As far as salt water kayak fishing goes, I am pretty confident  that this is where South Africa have been leading the way in many different aspects of this sport. For starters, lets look at the conditions us MAD men are used to. Most launch sites on our coast line consist of surf and often large surf and strong currents…typically this would be unheard of conditions for the majority but we are quite used to it.

This is where our kayaks have evolved rapidly. Ten years ago most and yes not all of the overseas fishing kayaks were typically a plastic  recreational kayak where they added a few extras and called it the fishing version. While they were doing this, our market had already evolved into the more performance type kayak. Designed purposely  for fishing with specialised hatches and features that really made them a cut above.

The “evolution” of fishing kayaks had really begun….. till next week, stay tuned for some more…




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