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These are the standard colours we use  when manufacturing our kayaks. There are other colours available however these are not standard colours or stock items. You are welcome to request  availability on other colours and we will do our best to make these available, however we will also need to quote on the cost of using  a non standard or stock colour.

Below you will see some standard colour designs and categories of previous kayaks made. These will give you an idea of what we can do with the various colours and designs.

If you do have a design request please do not hesitate to email us and we will do our best to see what can be done.

strong blue strong blue
cornflour blue cornflour blue
mid grey mid grey
mist grey mist grey
pool blue pool blue
lime green lime green
white white
black black
post office red post office red
Bright orange Bright orange
Canary yellow Canary yellow



Coloured tips kayaks

These kayaks all have the ends of the kayak in different colours to the rest of the kayak. The designs are either sprayed in a fade pattern where the 2 colours blend into each other with a sprayed effect or

Solid colour kayaks

A solid  colour kayak is a very simple design where you make the kayak one colour. You do have the option to make the deck or the  hull different colours.

Racing stripe Kayaks

Racing stripes are a simple but very effective design where we put either a single or Gt stripe down the centre of the top deck of the kayak.

Banded Kayaks

Banded kayaks are a design where we alternate between 2 colours which looks like bands or segments of colours. You can band the deck only or match the hull and deck together to make a completed banded look.

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