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The Surfa has great wave surfing capabilities and is the ideal craft for youngsters to have a lifetime of fun on. The Surfa recreational kayak is made of highly durable polyethelene and makes it indestructible, yet it is also still light enough to be easily manageable for both older kids and ladies.

Based on the concept of a waveski or paddle ski, Stealth designed the surfa with a little bit extra length and width than a traditional waveski. Measuring in at 2,9m long and 0,6m wide this gives the kayaker a little extra stability so that they can spend more time having fun rather than learning to balance. Ultimately a super fun family kayak that caters for everyone.

The Surfa recreational kayak is able to cater for a person up to 80kgs so even mom and the older kids can have a blast. Another great feature is the varying positions or foot length options on the kayak meaning that it is suitable for people of all different heights from small kids to average size adults.

Features List

Standard features of the Surfa – Recreational Kayak:

  1. Drain plug to drain water
  2. Velcro foot straps that can be changed position for maximum comfort
  3. Different foot positions to suit paddlers of various heights
  4. Carry handle
  5. Extra webbing for storage or holding of some items


Deluxe roof rack aerobar cover

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