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PowerFisha 16

The PowerFisha 16 is new on the block at Stealth. It is a two man craft.  

NEW Neoprene Handle Paddling

This new Neoprene handle paddling has been designed to fit perfectly around the plastic moulded handles which provides more comfort when using the handles. The paddling is made out of a 5mm Neoprene sleeve which comes as an optional extra

NEW Deluxe Rod Leash

The Deluxe rod leash is our top of the range rod leash which is available in funky colours to make you stand out. The leash has an extra strong PU cord and is coiled for extra length with a swivel

NEW Economy Rod Leash

The economy rod leash is great quality, at a lower price. It has a single Velcro loop and an extra strong PU cord which is coiled for extra stretch. Their is braid to secure the leash permanently to your ski.

NEW Paddle Leash

The Deluxe Paddle leash is designed so that you don’t have the hassle of losing your paddle again! The are available in an array of funky colours for you to choose from. They have an extra strong PU cord and

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