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De-luxe back and seat rest

  The “lazy” boy of kayak seats.These deluxe back and seat rests are made with the ultimate comfort in mind.The simple design just clips onto the kayaks side handles or attachment points and it can be adjusted to suit your

PFD-Personal Flotation Device

Designed for paddling and kayaking these are your ideal PFD’s.Not to be mistaken as a lifejacket  but this is a comfortable cleverly designed item that has low cut under arms and neck as well as a Crop top style fit.The

Kayak Trolley in a bag

  Lightweight aluminum trolley that is easily fold-able and stored safely in a bag. Adapts to fit all types of kayaks and comes with a strap to secure them safely. The trolley is supplied in a nylon bag for easy

ProFisha Duo

The PF Duo is the newest and latest design double fishing kayak in our range. This design was based on the desire for a faster kayak, for the more experienced angler.

Anchor bag and chain complete

The Anchor and bag is a complete set up of anchor, chain and rope.The rope is 25m long.The anchor and bag set up is available in 2 sizes.The 0,7kg anchor complete with chain , rope and a bag and then

Anchor bag

The Poly prop anchor bag is made with soft foam protection so that once your anchor is in the bag it  can be safely stored inside your kayaks hatches.The bag has a easy to use clip to keep it closed

Anchor chain and rope

The Anchor, chain and rope is a complete set up of a small folding anchor ideal for use on a kayak when you would like to anchor yourself.The anchor is available in 2 sizes- the 0,7kg anchor and the 1,5kg

Anchor only

  Small galavnised folding anchor ideal for use on the kayaks. Available in 2 sizes. Anchor sizes- 0.7kg anchor 1.5kg anchor

Kayak wall mount racks-Folding

Sold in a pair the wall mounted rack is an absolute winner. The “arms” of the brackets can be folded away against the wall when not in use. Reinforced steel arms complete with padding and a neat sock cover make great protected

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