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F1- Wing paddle

  These wing paddles are made from the best composite materials available using leading cutting technology. They are manufactured with carbon graphite fibres and high quality epoxy resin. With help from top paddlers the  paddles have been designed with quality

Paddling Pants-Long

These pants are made from lycra and are full length tights mainly used to keep the sun  from burning your legs while you fishing. In some cases people just use them for an extra layer of paddling gear.  Available in

Paddle sock

Soft Cloth Material used to store paddle.The cover is merely a cloth cover used to keep your paddle clean and covered.There is no padding or extra protection but merely a cover.  

Caution/Safety Flag

This bright red warning flag is  used on the end of your kayak, if your kayak exceeds your vehicle length. This  caution/safety flag will safely mark your kayak making it clearly visible to other people and vehicles.Easy to install and

Butt Pad Seat Pro Edition

Soft Eva foam bum pad. Can be glued down in the seat area of your kayak for extra comfort. Butt Pad gives just enough padding to make it a little more comfortable without making the seating position higher. The Pro

Deluxe roof rack aerobar cover

The Deluxe roof rack covers are a fully adjustable roof rack cover that will suit all types of roof bars and even roll bars.The 4 easily adjustable velcro strips make the cover adapt to suit the bars of your vehicle.Very

Single Roll Bar Cover

Full adjustable cover that suits most double Roll Bar systems. Easily adjusting Velcro makes it simple to fit.The cover is made from heavy duty nylon and polyprop material with excellent padding and protection The width of the padded area on

Padded Tie downs

The Stealth padded tie downs are tie downs that are made from heavy duty webbing and a heavy duty cambuckle, these give you have maximum strength once your kayak is tied down.We also have a a soft protective pad that

Long Sleeve Rash Vest

The long sleeve rash vests are a lycra top to protect you against the sun and those harmful UV rays while you are fishing.Being Lycra they are quick dry and perfectly suited for use on your kayaks.The Long sleeve rash

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