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Aloha my name is Adam King I grew up on the island of Kauai and have had a passion for fishing surfing diving my whole life. After many years of motor boat and shoreline fishing I got a job as a sea kayak guide at outfitters Kauai guiding trips along the unforgiving na pali coast in was then when I put two and two together using the ocean kayaks to go out and target a mixed bag of table fare. As the years went on I grew along with the sport targeting bigger fish and pushing the limits of the kayaks in bigger water. Kayak fishing is now a full time passion and is the ultimate connection of man to environment to food. Aloha
After years  of searching for the ultimate big game big water fishing kayak I found a connection to Stealths through Dan Arbuckle at headwaters kayak shop and the first stealth evo 495 was on its way to Hawaii! This craft turned out to be a true game changer. I quickly upgraded to the pro fisha 525 and for my size 6’5 and over 250 pounds the boat fit me very well. It’s speed, maneuvering, and grip to the water is amazing its lighter and effortless to paddle meaning less fatigue and more time fishing. The flush mount sounder lid helps me keep a clean and streamline deck and set up is extremely quick. The pro fisha 525 is a great fishing platform with tons of big fish storage with out all the unnecessary bells and whistles, not to mention she is An absolute pleasure to paddle

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