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“Wow what an amazing day! I went out on the Sonoma Coast here in Northern California to test out the new Stealth Performance Products Fisha 460 that I picked up over at The Headwaters Kayak Shop. I have a bit of a tricky low back so I was SUPER happy with the ease of loading and unloading the sub 52 lb Fisha 460. I had no problems lifting and carrying it around. I was also very impressed with the stability of this kayak. At 15 feet long and just 26 inches wide I knew it would be easy to mount and straddle but I half expected it to be a little twitchy. To my surprise it was just as stable if not more so than the heavier, wider plastic kayaks I started out on. What was not a surprise was how easy and fast it paddled. This lightweight fiberglass is super slick and just slices through the water. It is well appointed with 2 rear rod holders, a large 8″ twist and seal hatch behind the cockpit and a HUGE fish/rod/storage hatch front and center with a shock cord “rack” to keep the rods up out of the fish hold. I love this fish hatch, It’s so nice to have a place to stow your rods safely during launches and landings. and its super convenient to have all your gear right in front of you instead of in a rear tank well. It also makes it much easier to land and store large fish and heavy stringers because you don’t have to swing them around behind you. I really like the ProFisha style rudder, it was ultra responsive and handled very predictably and crisply, because of this it does really well in the surf. The Fisha 460 is intended to replace the outgoing Evolution 465 and in my opinion is a tremendous upgrade. Well done Stealth Fishing Kayaks, once again, light makes right!”

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